Managed Voice Services

How Much do We Communicate?

  • 69% of our workday is spent on communication-based activities
  • 3 hours a day are spent on phone calls and in meetings
  • 31 is the average number of people we interact with on a daily basis

Simplified Voice Services For Business Continuity

Our Managed Voice Services offer unified communications with the UC-One app, utilizing the global #1 trusted communication platform. With millions of active users, it is engineered to deliver the highest quality of voice service and cloud-based unified communications, to keep your business working the way you need with:


Enhanced Flexibility

Increased Team Collaboration

Easy Transition Across Devices


Access to Relevant Information

Unified User Experience

And best of all, it reduces the complexity of traditional voice providers, with a simplified solution. Whether you choose SIP Trunking or a total solution with Hosted PBX Services, you’ll experience a phone system that comes with a single point of contact and the same best-in-class support you’ve become familiar with from our other managed services. You’ll have everything for improved communications in one place, keeping your employees connected, while increasing productivity. All this making remote working the new norm.

Hosted PBX

Ultrex offers a hosted, cloud-based PBX solution delivering voice with advanced features. Hosted PBX is one of the fastest-growing and cost-efficient services for small and medium-sized businesses using VoIP. Hosted PBX offers one platform, one bill, and one point of contact delivering increased flexibility, low maintenance, simplification, and advanced features.

Advantages Of Hosted PBX

  • Redundancy is built into the network
  • Eliminates onsite PBX equipment
  • Reduces long-distance costs
  • Provides advanced calling features, flexibility, and mobility
  • Reduces/Eliminates traditional phone lines
  • Three or four-digit dialing everywhere
  • Local and national phone numbers available

SIP Trunking

Utilizing the client’s existing Internet connection, SIP Trunking provides a blend of voice and data traffic onto a single IP circuit. This service delivers dynamic bandwidth allocation while supporting FXS, PRI, and T1 connections. Some benefits of SIP trunking include one bill and one point of contact for local, long-distance, and simplifying the overall experience.

Advantages of SIP Trunking

  • Cost savings over existing telecom solutions
  • Reduced Op-ex for voice and data services
  • Future-Proofing with IP services
  • High-quality voice service
  • Ability to keep existing equipment such as handsets and phone system
  • Provides immediate solution for aging systems

Not sure where to start?

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